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blue eyes white dragon

  1. JJSliderman

    Blue-Eyes Speed

    Question. How is Mach 39 Massively Hypersonic+? Because that's the speed of Blue-Eyes traveling 250 miles in 30 seconds
  2. TheArsenal1212

    Mewtwo vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

    Pokemon vs YuGiOh Both at 5A Speed Equalised Mewtwo: 0 Blue Eyes White Drago: 0
  3. Ricsi-viragosi

    The Dragon fights a lil' rabbit, Blue Eyes White Dragon vs Kaguya Otsutsuki

    Speed equal Blue Eyes White Drago: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki:
  4. Iamunanimousinthat

    Ridley vs. Blue Eyes White Dragon

    Speed Equalized
  5. RapidMotorcycle19

    Blue Eyes Discussion

    Which Blue Eyes Monsters should be included? To this point, we have Blue eyes, Ultimate Blue eyes and Shining Dragon. But, there are other forms such as twin burst dragon (Which cannot be destroyed by raw AP, and if the monster resists one attack from it, they get BFRd) , NEO Ultimate Dragon...
  6. Sans2345

    Other Tabs For Blue Eyes White Dragon And Other Things

    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon: -Gains More Attack Points For Every Dragon In The Graveyard Which Would Be Statistics Amplification -Should Have A Key For Blue Eyes White Dragon Blue Eyes Shining Dragon And Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon -Blue Eyes Shining Dragon Has Light Manipulation -Blue Eyes...
  7. OmniTops

    Possible Updates for Yu-Gi-Oh! I

    Zorc Zorc only are missing these skill: Regenerationn (High-Low): This is demonstrated in his battle with Exodia when he tears off an arm and regenerates Minute 1:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuuPZRDTU6o Yami Marik Just as Zorc only are missing these skills Fusionism: It has...
  8. Yobo_Blue

    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

    So this is a bit of a continuation from my Horakty thread, but during Blue Eyes ultimate dragon punctured the space time continuum. Now, I know feats like these are usually unquantifiable, but I'm going to take a crackling at it. First things first: Atk and Def is not linear in Yugioh, as we...
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Saitama vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

    Speed equalized. Saitama thinks this is the truest dragon level threat he's ever fought. Let's see if he loses to one, or if he destroys it.
  10. ZillaJrKaijuKing

    Blue Eyes White Dragon: Electricity or Radiation Manipulation?

    I saw that the Blue Eyes White Dragon's profile lists Electricity Manipulation as one of its abilities. Is that because of the electricity effect around its energy blasts? The blasts themselves don't look or act like electricity, and in the anime its attack is called the "neutron blast attack"...