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  1. Peppersalt43

    Thinker, behold... The Beholder!

    Think : 0 Behold! : 7 Incon : 0 Last key Thinker used Speed equalized Starting distance is 30 meters Both characters have a week of prep time Thinker has prior knowledge
  2. Jinsye

    Prep Insanity - Beholder vs. Batman

    Here's a fun match. Speed is equal, neither of them can use/make any tech/resources that surpasses Low 7-B in terms of AP. Hax is fine though. Both are given 1 month to prepare and the fight would take place within the Beholder's lair. Both are given baseline knowledge of each other and both...
  3. Mr. Bambu

    Minor Intelligence Adjustment

    Summary Minor thing, Ant talked to me awhile ago and feels that, in the name of taking a conservative approach, we should downgrade creatures with Intelligence 21-39 (i.e., sub-Gond creatures) should have their "possibly Supergenius" ratings removed, as they have only a single feat on this...
  4. Jinsye

    Beholder vs. Mimikyu

    The Beholder vs. Nintendo 2 Speed = Who wins? Beholder (D&D): 0 Mimikyu: 0
  5. Jinsye

    Beholder vs. Mr. Game & Watch (7-0)

    Low 7-B Speed is equal, fight takes place on Final Destination Who wins? Beholder (D&D): 6 Mr. Game & Watch: 0
  6. Mr. Bambu

    D&D AP CRT and other fun acronyms.

    Just a short CRT to confirm everyone can still agree to this. Proposed Changes Mid-Tier monsters need AP changes. This is a fact. And I've been thinking. Low 7-B is not an outlier in this verse. Between CRTs and calc pages, for monsters we have not one, not two, not three, but five...
  7. ProfessorLord

    Anti-Magic in D&D

    Time to make this clear for everyone in any future matches: The Beholder's anti-magic cone (and any anti-magic field/spell in general) cannot negate supernatural abilities. It's come up in a couple matches now, so I had to put a stop to this misconception. First off, let me explain what the...
  8. GreyFang82

    A Beholder vs Dio Brando

    Can the Beholder start a win streak against Jojo? Who knows... Let's hope this one doesn't get too carried away... A Beholder vs Dio Brando from Phantom Blood Both 8-B Speed is Equal Fight Takes place at Dio's castle with both starting 10 meters away Beholder: 0 Dio Brando: 7...
  9. GreyFang82

    Beholder and Possibly other DnD related Monster Revisions...

    Ok so I'll have to lay down a few things before I can start with what I would like to share the actual changes... So First thing I need to do is put down a line of reasoning on why I think a Monster's CR rating should be used for scaling... At least to the DnD PCs at least on the official...