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behemoth (worm)

  1. Apeironaxim

    Worm CRT: Endbringer Edition Part 1

    Part 1 of 2 of fixing up the EBs because I realized Simurgh and Tohu were gonna take a super long time (both because of their content and also my inconsistent bouts of inspiration to work more on the profiles), so I might as well get the ones I have finished out. Behemoth Adding a bunch of...
  2. Wokistan

    Scion AP change and possible Endbringer buff

    So I was on discord chuckling over wildbow wanking his own verse, with wog for 4-C endbringers, MFTL+ swimming leviathan, and 4-A durability. Except as it turned out, that last one was far more defendable than I had initially thought. The Big Bad dura calc Whispersilk A couple of things...
  3. Wokistan

    More misc worm changes

    Butcher 14 Should have Biological Manipulation, due to this: Inflicts wounds that fester. Power from Butcher Four. Less effect than Four had. Far shorter duration. ~ Imago 21.6 Should have Resistance to Pain Manipulation, via this: Butcher didn't react as bugs bit and...
  4. Promestein

    Worm Revisions

    Just read through Worm in about four days. Have a lot of revisions here, so let's get this all out of the way. Scion Continent level Scion is fine. He destroys two continents in quick succession, blows up the United Kingdom in one shot, easily destroys the East Coast, etcetera. I dunno where...
  5. Monarch_Laciel

    Behemoth (Worm) VS Hellstar Remina

    This could possibly be interesting. Speed equalised 4-C WoG for Behemoth Behemoth : Hellstar Remina :