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  1. Iamunanimousinthat

    Aurora vs. Princess Snow Kaguya

    "For Lemuria!" Aurora: Princess Snow Kaguya: 4-A Speed Equalized
  2. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Child of Light Downgrades

    Currently, characters from the game Child of Light are rated as Multi-Galaxy level+ for Umbra extinguishing all the stars in the heavens, which the profile states "constitutes a very large amount of the universe". However, even if one were to destroy all baryonic matter in the universe (as in...
  3. ArbitraryNumbers

    Aurora vs Baby Ducks

    In both rounds, the Baby Ducks can pilot Kingbreaker White Lightning. Round 1: AP equalized. Both are bloodlusted. Round 2: Standard battle assumptions.
  4. ShinyMagicalGirl

    Aurelion Sol (LOL) VS Aurora (Child of Light)

    Battle of Sword User and Dragon, galactic style! Instead of Umbra, Aurora faces Aurelion Sol in the Final Battle in the game Child of Light. Speed equalized, and otherwise no other restrictions aside from the equalization of speed. This uses the 3-B versions of the characters. Will the Dragon...
  5. Kyle_Ramos

    Goku vs Aurora (Child of Light)

    Round 1.-SSG Goku vs Aurora Round 2.-SSB Goku vs Aurora.
  6. HomestuckLover1

    Uncle Grandpa vs Aurora (Child of Light)

    Set Distance: Solar system length Both are bloodlusted
  7. ThePerpetual

    Aurora vs Sailor Galaxia

    A magical hero/villain battle of swords and magic and magical girls and such stuff. You know the drill, both at full power with all techniques and items avail able. Who wins? Reasoning would be appreciated.
  8. ThePerpetual

    Lightning vs Aurora

    Two sword-wielding saviors of bleak worlds with names alluding to their powers. Battle takes place somewhere in a random forest, starting distance of 100 feet, both have access to all standard equipment. Round 1: Base Lightning vs Duskmoon Tower Era Aurora Round 2: Knight of Etro Lightning vs...