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artemis (fate series)

  1. Berserker (fate/stay night) upgrade

    During Lostbelt 2, Heracles was seen intercepting Surtr's NP, which was absurdly powerful. Although he later received buffs, he held on for a while by himself, staying on his feet until Napoleon charged the NP. In the Olympian Lostbelt, it is revealed that Heracles and other servants are...
  2. Expectro2000xxx

    I know your voice... (Elizabeth vs Artemis)

    It's true that there are more characters in Persona than Ren, and as someone who actually saw the rest of the games, I should try figths with the rest of the cast, this will be the first fight in that regard, hope go fine. Both at their peak, speed equalized. Absolute Best Girl by far: 0 vs...
  3. PsychoWarper

    Super Orion CRT

    Alright so looking over Orions skills and NPs I feel like hes potentially missing some abilities as well as some things in his stats. Artemis Agnos: Moon Goddess' Innocent Affections Agnos is a B rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that works by Artemis pouring her love into Orion increasing his...
  4. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Lostbelt 5 Revision: STELLA and NANOMACHINES SON Edition

    New Keys Atlantis Artemis, Chiron, Corday and Paris should get their own keys. They are amplified than their normal forms due to having nanomachines while Artemis is just eh, look at her. Jason should get one too, albeit he doesn't have nanomachines, he got Golden Hind as his Argo. I also...