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  1. Elizio33

    Possible upgrade for Artakha

    In this stroy https://biosector01.com/w/index.php?title=Reign_of_Shadows&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile it was mentionned that Artakha was equal if not superior to Axonn, Tuyet, Helrix, Lewa Nuva (Tren Krom), Miserix. Among them, Brutaka was there and was empowered by Antidermis and Greg F once...
  2. Elizio33

    Artakha powers

    Arthaka created the Toa Mata and the four Crystal Serpents and he can change the way others perceive his island (which is bigger than Metru Nui so I don't know if this feat is 6-C) So, he should have Biological/Technological Manipulation for creating the Toa Mata and Perception Manipulation to...
  3. Elizio33

    Tren Krom, Brutaka and Artakha tier revision

    Following a brief discussion with Promestein, it would be more reasonable to move the statement "Nears Mata Nui's power" to the key "Matoran Universe" because Tren Krom himself has never demonstrated to rival the power of Mata Nui.The only time he could was when he maintened The Matoran Universe...
  4. Promestein

    Legendary Kanohi Downgrades

    Just 5-B now. The High 3-A feat is only High 3-A because of limited 4-D power, but we apply that to virtually no pages in practice anymore. It's more consistent to just be 5-B, not just with other pages on the wiki, but in Bionicle itself, where 5-A characters are superior.