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angela (image comics)

  1. Omnificence

    Angela (Image Comics) Needs An Update

    It took me a while to figure out, but I've noticed that there were no calculations made for the Spawn verse. However, after looking for respect threads in order to find scans I could calculate, I came across a DeviantArt literature page that had calculations in it. Now of course I do want these...
  2. LordTracer

    Angela v. Angela (0-0-0)

    Both 4-B. Speed equalized. Which is the superior Angela? Marvel Angela: Image Angela: Inconclusive:
  3. Omegas03

    Angela (Image) vs. Superman (Post-Crisis).

    Both 4-B and speed equal. who wins? win via KO. Angela vs. Superma
  4. Read_this_post

    Feat of shaking half the universe

    So spawn (capullo) and angela have a possibly multi galaxy rating because angela killed a guy making half the universe shake. But here it says that this is a multi solar system level feat. Should this be an upgrade/downgrade for these two? Or would this be at least solar system, possibly multi...
  5. Firestorm808

    Spawn and Angela Power Scale Question

    http://***************.to/Comic/Curse-of-the-Spawn/Issue-11?id=69009 According to Spawn's current profile, he is comparable to, or stronger than Angela, who was far above beings capable of obliterating Solar Systems, and who made half the Universe quake upon killing The Argus. Is there a...