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abyss trinity

  1. Rendynoc0unter

    Trinity Seven Revision : Acausality Negation for our Demon Lords and Last Crest

    INTRODUCTION. We will be upgrading some abilities in the verse Trinity Seven. Acausality Negation Type 4 for Demon Lord. Acausality Negation Type 4 for Last Crest. Conceptual Manipulation Type 2 for Last Crest. INFORMATION. As is well known, the Law Manipulation of the Demon Lord and the...
  2. Rendynoc0unter

    Trinity Seven Revision : Profile Character Problem

    Because this thread has a problem, namely profile problems, then in this thread I will solve all the problems that exist in the Trinity Seven character profile. In the past, I have made a thread about Key at Trinity Seven, and the staff also agreed with it. the conclusions drawn from the...
  3. Rendynoc0unter

    Trinity Seven Revision : Probability Manipulation for Demon Lords

    Demon Lords can make the impossible possible, Even in Trinity Seven, imitating another magus's magic is highly unlikely due to the differences in Thema & Archive, However, Arata was able to copy Lilith's magic and materialize one of Lilith's magic. And also just by imagining an object...
  4. Rendynoc0unter

    Minor addition immortality for Arata Kasuga and Abyss Trinity.

    Immortality Type 4 for Arata Kasuga. Magic is what keeps a magus alive, if he didn't have magic, he would probably die, disappear, and lose control. Arata's magic is forcibly absorbed which makes Arata die, and also Arata can come back to life. Immortality Type 6 for Abyss Trinity and...
  5. Rendynoc0unter


    This is a continuation of the previous thread. Deus has been approved to 2A but only uses specific weapon wich is dante cross. =================== I'm here to upgrade the durability of Arata, Abyss, Last to Multiverse+ and 2A Ap for arata and Radix Astil as Deus Trinity Grimoire and weapon...
  6. Dragonmasterxyz

    Issue with Trinity Seven Stats

    So this is something I noticed on a vs thread regarding the stats of Trinity Seven. The God Tiers are Planet level due to the fact that they can destroy the world. That sounds good until you look at the context. I was given two episodes in order to gather evidence regarding this. There is an...
  7. Newestfighter

    battle of 5-B:Abyss Trinity vs galactus

    both in character speed equal who will win https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Abyss_Trinity vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Galactus both at 5-B