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white blood cell (cells at work!)

  1. JustANormalLemon

    Cells at work massive size revision(They are 1000 times smaller then we trough?)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cells_at_Work! After much time cells at work isn't a verse of "small but unknow size" as I present now the calc nlog that will change It https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:JustANormalLemon/Cells_at_Work_size With this 3 ends we have the ability to...
  2. Roachman40

    Cthulhu vs White Blood Cell

    Speed is equalized Cthulhu macrofasciculumque: White Blood Cell: Inconclusive:
  3. Nehz_XZX

    Cells at Work: Adhesive Manipulation and Acrobatics

    White Blood Cell's L-selectin should count as Adhesive Manipulation. NK has Acrobatic Skills listed on her profile which should simply be replaced with Acrobatics.
  4. Crimson_Azoth

    10-C Small Size Bracket Round 3

    Round three of the 10-C Brackets begins! Winner of the last round was the Cane Toad via om nom Hub Current Standings: https://challonge.com/q4dhu5br The combatants for this round are the Kharaa Bacterium, submitted by Crimson Azoth versus the White Blood Cell, submitted by Ionliosite Speed...
  5. CBtheDB

    Anime VS Netflix Adaptation: Biology Edition

    After taking down Osmosis Jones, our polymorphonuclear friend takes on another fictionalized version of himself. U-1146 is patrolling the bloodstream like normal until he sees a scurrying blob crawling through the cracks of a nearby 'building,' clearly transmigrating. Confronting the blob, the...
  6. Dargoo_Faust

    Thrax vs. White Blood Cell (Cells at Work)

    The moment I saw that we had Cells at Work pages, I couldn't resist making a matchup for this one. Hopefully Thrax isn't too powerful for our favorite neutrophil. Battle takes place as Thrax invades the body WBC lives in. White Blood Cell - 4 (Hizack, Numbersguy, Emily, Jimbo) Thrax - 5...