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watatsuki no toyohime

  1. Alitudil0

    A mangaka trying to make a manga about the moon

    Watatsuki no Toyohime vs Rohan Kishibe TSKR Rohan being used Both in-character Speed equalized range 10 meters i hope this is not a stomp xD
  2. BleedingPeach

    There's not Concept Manipulation here. Watatsuki sisters against The Hist

    "Watatsuki" was corrected by my phone as "Whatsapp" Dear Google: it's "The Hist" not "The Host" Since the fight between Pelinal and Iwanagahime, she won by the Conceptual Manipulation. This time I wanted to do something that's not based on Concept Manipulation victiory. Since The Hist is a...
  3. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Chakravartin vs Watatsuki no Toyohime

    I wanted to make Chakra fight someone from Touhou, but he kinda gets stomped by every 4-A except these two, so... Asshole God from Nowhere vs Asshole God from Nowhere Speed is equalized and Chakra is in his creator form. Fight takes place on the moon.