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vault boy

  1. TechPrime0920

    Tankman vs Vault Boy

    This is apparently an interesing match-up and both have some connections Both at 9-C (Captain and Vault Boy with weapons will be used here) Both with prior knowledge of each other Both willl start 30 meters apart of each other Battle takes place on a post-apocaliptic world Speed is equal Who...
  2. Everyone_is_die

    fallout Protagonists battle royal(including vault boy)

    Speed equalised A week of prep time All restricted to 9-B Weapons The vault dweller: Lone wander: Courier six: The sole survior: Vault boy:
  3. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Vault boy possible revisions.

    Why does vault boy only have access to the two classic series games weapons, when he's also seen modeling weapons in Fallout 3 andnew vegasHe also models all the armors in the game. including power armor. this pretty much means he should of access to every weapon and armor in every fallout game...