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trish una

  1. Tetsucabrah

    "Watch where you're going, you perv!" Spice Girl vs Grape Juice.

    Speed Equalized. Takes place on a train. Trish is angry. Mineta has prior knowledge about her ability. Can he avoid getting his grapes stomped in?
  2. The_real_cal_howard

    Lisa Lisa vs Trish Una

    I couldn't do Yukako so rip. This is the next best thing. Battle between the two most prominent women in all of Jojo >Parts 6 and 8 say hi That have been animated
  3. The_real_cal_howard

    Trish Una upgrade

    Not including Spice Girl. She overpowered Narancia at her introduction so she should be 9-C
  4. SupremeGilgamesh

    Softening vs Rubber and Gum-Hisoka vs Trish

    (This fight was based on a comment on CrunchyRoll) Hisoka was assigned by the Hunter Foundation to find a girl suspect of being connected to the leader of a big criminal organization known as Passione Speed Not equalized(Let's give trish a least a advantage) Who wins and why? FIGHT!!!
  5. Ryuga21

    Trish Una vs Gentle Criminal

    Both at 8-C >Speed is Equalized >Bloodlust. Trish Una: 3 (Lap, Triforce, Kirby) Gentle Criminal: Inconclusive:
  6. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Trish Una vs Goyle

    Trish Una vs Goyle Speed Equalised.
  7. Dziga

    Jolyne vs Passione Gang, Part 3: Revenge of the Cujoh

    VS Jolyne tries one more time to fight the Part 5 Crew, but this time it's a ladies fight. Fighters start 10 Meters apart, location is Cape Canaveral. Jolyne: 7 (lapitus, Eficiente, Kyschan21, Xtasyamphetamine, Arceus0x, Jamesthetaker, Standuser081). Trish: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. Arigarmy

    Trish Una VS Tamaki Damo

    [softness intensifies] Standard Battle Assumptions implied, and speed is equalized. In-universe fights are fun. I WANNA: HEY YOU: 2 (TheJ-ManRequiem, Iapitus the Impaler)