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  1. Randomaneer123

    Kaiju Brawl: Super Geon vs Trespasser

    Both are High 7-C Geo: Trespasser: Inconclusive:
  2. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Pacific Rimvisions

    This title is great. F#$% you. Leave me alone... So I've been wanting to make a few new Pacific Rim profiles, but our old ones really need some fixing up, first. This post will address a few important things in regards to lore, AP, and combat speeds. Trespasser For those who don't know who...
  3. Holyhotsauce

    Kong (Legendary) Vs Trespasser

    They are fighting because Trespasser is, well, trespassing on Skull Island. Kong (Legendary) : Trespasser : Scenario: Both at High 8-C Win by Death