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the huntress (dead by daylight)

  1. SheevShezarrine

    Dead By Daylight Killer Speed Revision

    Currently, Killers are rated as Superhuman for being able to outspeed athletes in a fearful sprint whilst walking. This is inaccurate, for various reasons. For the most basic reason, not all Killers walk. Some levitate, and there's really no indicator outside of in-game speed ratings to tell how...
  2. Assembled1801

    The Huntress's subsonic attack speed with hatchet

    Would it be added on The Huntress's speed list? What you guys think?
  3. Hunterzillas

    Little Orphan Annie vs Social Darwinism

    Been trying to find an opponent for these two, think I finally found one that's suitable. Two orphans with serious grudges decide to take out their anger on one another. Random Encounter in a small village, fight is to the death. Speed = The Huntress: 0 Apollyon: 0 Incon: 0
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    What is the rules about add-ons and perks for killers?

    As in what is suppose to be added? Because The Huntress (Dead By Daylight) has the ax head and I believe The Hillbilly also has something due to having a soul cutting Saw for som reason. Also would perks/add-ons give The Doctor (Dead By Daylight) and The Trapper Madness Manipulation?