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the arbiter (thel 'vadam)


    Halo: Small Updates to the Arbiters.

    The Arbiters are missing Invisibility on their profiles as shown here at 6:42. Thel is also missing Forcefield Creation in his abilities despite having his Energy Shield being on it and Vehicular Mastery as he's shown in later levels of Halo 2 and 3 to be quite proficient at driving and piloting.
  2. Darth Vader VS Arbiter, Master Chief and Atriox

    VS Helmet: Setting: Endor Scenario: Vader is decimating Rebel Forces when his 3 opponents fall onto Endor through a wormhole, the Rebels ask them to kill Vader and when they get to the battle Vader is...
  3. VersusJunkie54

    Akame vs The Arbiter(Halo) (Concluded)

    Hopefully this should be more interesting than Akame vs Chief Akame As the survivors, we carry the feelings of those who've passed away on our shoulders. ~ Akame Summary Akame is an infamous member of Night Raid, the assassination team of the Revolutionary Army. Her use...
  4. VersusJunkie54

    Thel Vadam(The Arbiter) vs Guts.

    Golden Age Guts vs Kaidon Armor Thel. (Both 9-A) Thel has an energy sword, and up to 9-B energy weapons. For the sake of this scenario we will assume that Guts' sword can clash with the energy sword with no difficulties. Both in character. Speed equal. Standard Battle asumptions. Who wins...
  5. DarkDragonMedeus

    Master Chief and other Halo infantry revision project

    It was brought up a couple months back, but understandably, staff and other members have been quite busy to go through with this. But some important problems do need to be fixed. Personally, since Master Chief is the main character and much of the verse, including stronger enemy species pretty...
  6. A_Stoned_Orc

    Thel 'Vadam and 10 Sangheili Field Marshals vs. Xenomorph Queen and 10 Praetorians

    Thel is in his Sword of Sanghelios armor, armed with Prophet's Bane, a standard Storm Rifle, and the Hailstorm needler (a needler with extra ammo, and a faster rate of fire). The Field Marshals are armed with standard Type-1 Energy Swords and Brute Plasma Rifles, with full batteries. All eleven...
  7. KarmodF

    Halo stuff...

    Hopefully this gets the Attention that some others big revisions have. So I planned on making this since Halo Wars 2 came out, Halo isn´t the most popular games as of now, but It surely needs to get updated. -Master Chief´s Durability and why is so Important- So practicly 50% of the...
  8. Notadeadguy

    General Grievous vs Arbiter

    This Battle shall take place on an active battlefield on a distant planet Arbiter has his basic gear Speed is equalized Who would win and why?