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  1. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Question about Teemo

    If Teemo is the strongest character in the verse, then should he be Immeasurable for being faster than Eternum Nocturne?
  2. CursedGentleman

    Teemo Nerf

    Teemo is still 2-B even though Nightbringer Yasuo is low 2-C and Cosmic Reaver Kassadi is 3-C What tier should he be? low 2-C or 3-C?
  3. The_Calaca

    Xeno Goku vs Teemo (Redux)

    Goku's upgrade make this possible once again. Son Goku (Xeno) vs Teemo Both 2-B. Speed equalized. I'm going to ask for this to be removed. Meanwhile let's see what happen now. Kureha: 2 Chopper: 0
  4. Rakanadyo

    Pikachu vs. Teemo

    Everybody's two favorite rodents (I know Yordles aren't, but play along) get into a fight. Base Teemo (obviously), vs, a wild Pikachu holding a Light Ball (We'll assume it has Static, though I doubt either ability will matter much here) Speed equalized (though that may not be necessary) No...
  5. SSBXeno573

    Demigra vs Teemo

    Speed equalized Both 2-B Teemo Demigra
  6. Notadeadguy

    Solid Snake vs Teemo

    This battle shall take place inside a Military Base. One of the Greatest battles of all Time. Who would win and why?