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sunfire (marvel comics)

  1. Kahndaq_Lord

    Major Kang, Havok and Sunfire upgrades

    Introductio In Uncanny Avengers, after years of plotting and manipulation, Kang the Time Traveling Conqueror, manages to absorb a big portion of Exitars Life Essence, which he described to be the Most Powerful Energy Source in All of Existence...
  2. Huesito88

    Natsu Dragneel vs Sunfire (Marvel Comics)

    Both High 6-C (Fire Dragon King Mode Natsu) Speed is equalized
  3. Huesito88

    Sunfire downgrade (Marvel comics)

    As a warrior of Apocalypse he is rated as multi-continental because he contained a blast that would have scorched earth this is wrong the attack would have scorched the earth via a chain reaction by igniting the atmosphere