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snow golem

  1. Paladinporter

    Indonesian man vs Snowman

    Snow Golem vs Suhadi Sadono Both 9-B Win by any means
  2. ShockingPsychic

    Snow Golem (Mincraft) VS. Bendy

    Both are at 9-B. Speed is NOT equalized. The battle takes place in a large, stone room. They are both in-character (which is already bloodlusted?) They each get no preptime. They start 30ft. apart.
  3. GyroNutz

    Shrek fights a Snowman

    Self-explanatory. Speed equal. Who wins and why? Snow Golem: Shrek: Inconclusive: 1
  4. Jinsye

    Snow Golem vs. Chris Walker

    Kek, Mentally Insane Zombie Thing Guy vs. Snowman Speed Equalized or else the Golem is gonna be chucking snowballs at mach 300 or smth. 9-B both are yeah. Who wins? Chris Walker: 0 Snow Golem: 0
  5. Hyper_Anon

    Starfish vs snowman

    vs One day in the Minecraft Bikini Bottom mod, Steve created a Snow Golem which attacked Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile Spongebob and Patrick are watching TV until they hear breaking news of a giant snowman with a jack-o-latern head attacking bikini bottom. They decide to save the world. After...
  6. Jinsye

    Composite Human vs. Snow Golem

    Aight, time to make us fight a snowman. Human has no prior knowledge. Composite Human has 1 hour of prep time. They start 10m apart from eachother. No weapons above 9-A are allowed. Vehicles aren't allowed unless Snow Golem stomps. Speed Equalized Fight takes place in a Minecraft Taiga...
  7. Jinsye

    Terrarian vs. Snow Golem

    Yay, Base Terrarian again. Either way, Terrarian is 9-B and has a bow with infinite amount of arrows, and a copper shortsword, pickaxe, and axe, and a wooden breastplate. Snow Golem is just a Snow Golem. Fight takes place in a Minecraft Taiga. Seperated by 10 meters. Speed Equalized just...
  8. JustSomeWeirdo

    A snowman battles an ogre to the death

    Snow Golem is accidentally freezing Shrek's Swamp, which angers Shrek, and now they're fighting Speed Equalized Fight takes place in Shrek's Swamp Both are Bloodlusted
  9. MrKingOfNegativity

    Snow Golem VS Revenant

    Ol' Frosty's just milling around, doing his snowman thing, when all of a sudden he runs into a skeleton...Who happens to be toting missile launchers on his shoulders. Oh dear. Rules Speed is equalized Classic Revenant Battle takes place in Snowman's Land (complete with music) Winner by...
  10. EmbalmerMaster9000

    Big Lincoln sends a snowman to hell

    Snow-rapper! It's Winter in Olathe, but Big Lincoln really, really hates Winter. So he decides to take it out on a snowman named Winter. BUT THIS ISN'T ANY SNOWMAN, IT'S A SNOWMAN THAT KNOWS KARATE (As clearly evidenced by the top right picture)! (INSERT MUSIC HERE) -Victory via death or KO...