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  1. The_Divine_Phoenix

    A question about items

    Another .hack question. Basically, i want to know how this wiki handles items for RPG characters in their profiles. Are they used at all? If they aren't used, would .hack be an exception, given it is canonically a game (The game is about people playing a VR MMORPG called The World) and as such...
  2. The_Divine_Phoenix

    What exactly is this?

    This is a question pertaining to the (not yet existant) .hack verse. Basically, in this verse there are people called Epitaph Users, they can summon these things called Avatars and when they do, they enter a parallel dimension called Avatar Space. Normal people are not capable of seeing or...
  3. The_Divine_Phoenix

    What's up with .hack?

    The verse has 3 profiles as far as i could find, Skeith, Kite and Innis. A profile for Haseo also appears to have existed at some point. Why isn't there anything more about that verse?