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  1. Alexander

    little nightmares or as I like to call it, the terrifying story about a girl who killed everyone

    pequeñas pesadillas,ese juego que a muchos nos gusta y where a girl killed many children unintentionally but her intention was seen(the girl in the raincoat died,the run away kid was devoured and our most appreciated Mono was thrown away) but well I came here to tell you that we should actually...
  2. ShockingPsychic

    Little Nightmares Revisions

    The entire verse (which is just three pages rn) has a few problems, so let's fix 'em. Six Six needs three keys. Base | Monster | End of Little Nightmares Base has the powers listed on the profile currently, with the exception of Life Force Absorption and Telekinesis and the addition of...
  3. Kiryu2012

    Smol Human Child vs Smol Flightless Bird

    Six vs Kiwi Fight takes place on a small island This is Six before gaining her lifeforce absorption power They start 10 meters apart The Kiwi is bloodlusted, while Six is in-character
  4. Unoriginal_Memes

    Kids Named After Numbers

    Six VS Eleve Season 1 Eleven is used and speed is equalized. Six: Eleve: 1 (DivineTedrius) Inconclusive:
  5. ShatteredNightMares

    Two children who are not what they seem

    VS Introduction These two children who seem so pure and innocent can quickly turn dark if they really wanted to... Plot Frisk had been exploring the surface until they had seen what seemed to be a floating island far off in the distance. Always willing to explore they had gotten Undyne to...