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sirius (mega man star force)

  1. Migue79

    Mega Man Star Force Possible LS Upgrade

    I have been looking at the MMSF profiles for a bit and then when I saw that Sirius manipulates Sagittarius A* (the black hole in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy lol). Since we calculated his AP based on him moving it to where FMAstroWave3 is, shouldn't this technically count for Lifting...
  2. Crzer07

    Nono (Diebuster) vs Sirius (Mega Man Star Force)

    Speed Equalized Bloodlusted/SBA/win via any means Starting distance 1 AU Who takes this?
  3. Corgi_the_Gen_Z_God

    About the hax in Geo's battle cards

    Idk if it's ok to add in the hax abilities in Geo Stelar's page along some other stuf like Self-Sustenance for example. Cause Geo's page still looks like it's unfinished from a glance. Also, van we rename the page as just "Geo Stelar" since it's like the norm around here and in the Mega Man...
  4. Corgi_the_Gen_Z_God

    Question about Geo's Black Hole feat

    So this feat right here has been calced to be Multi-Solar System level and going by Supermassive Black Hole standards, wouldn't a black hole like Sagitarrius A* would suck up and destroy like multiple solar systems due to its Solar Mass and such? Plus given the size of Supermassive Black Holes...
  5. MasterWinduTheThird

    DBZ Fusions vs EM Gods

    Sirius and Apollo Flame vs Vegito and Gogeta 2 of the strongest characters in their respective franchises (who were also recently nerfed to the extreme) Scenario Gogeta's time limit is removed All combatants are in character. This is to the death It takes place in the Borg Cube from star...
  6. MasterWinduTheThird

    Sirius vs Acid Ace and Harp Note

    If Sirius defeated Geo and then attacked Earth, would he have won? Side Note: Apollo Flame is presumably dead, and Acid Ace isn't using Finalization so as to not hurt Sonia with Crimson Does he take this? Round 1: He comes to Earth personally Round 2: Same as One, but Acid Ace resorts to...
  7. MasterWinduTheThird

    Sirius vs Apollo Flame

    The 2 Strongest Villains in The Starforce Contuinuity! If these 2 big-bads ever met in a fight, who would win? Round 1: Sirius is banned from Water-Based Attacks Round 2: Sirius is allowed to use water based attacks This fight takes place on earth. Whatever morals they have, if any, are...
  8. Reppuzan

    Why Aren't Black Hole Related Feats Quantifiable?

    This morning I checked my email to find that someone has nerfed Geo Stelar's and Solo's stats from 4-B to 5-A on the premise that Black Hole Feats were suddenly declared unquantifiable. That's going from Foe to Yottatons with barely an explantion. It would be an understatement to say that I'm...