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shinobu jacobs

  1. Abysswalker2126

    Shinobu Jacobs Vs Anubis

    Shinobu Vs Anubis Both 8-C Speed Equalized Chaka is Anubis’s user Fight takes place just outside the Hexagon from DQ9 Shinobu: Anubis(Chaka): Incon:
  2. Sir_Ovens

    Edgelord Swordsmen - Adam Taurus vs Shinobu Jacobs

    Doing this because it's thematic. Edgelord Anarchist vs Edgelord Assassin Base Adam and NMH2 Shinobu. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  3. Marionaruto1

    Additional Moves along with P&A and Speed/stamina Upgrades with feats.

    Travis Touchdown gains more abilities with the power of the death glove Also, we're going to need a page created for Badman (Bad Girls Father) which includes Wing Chip Any Available after completing Electric Thunder Tiger II. Shoots a savage electric attack in a straight line. Affects...
  4. Notadeadguy

    Shinobu Jacobs vs Blake Belladonna

    Just a simple duel, who would win and why?