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  1. Peppersalt43

    Forces of Heaven and Hell in an endless skirmish. Round 1 Match 1. John Ward vs Pumpkinhead

    Underrated Slasher : 0 MORTIS : 0 Incon : 0 Stats equalized Fight takes place in Vatican City, 15 meters apart First key Pumpkinhead used John walked through the garden of the city, the trees providing comforting shade from the afternoon heat. One of the UNSPEAKABLE's forces is felt in this...
  2. RoTt35

    Pumpkinhead (Films) upgrades

    Powers and Abilities: Regeneration (High-Low: Instantly regenerated his eye). Mind Manipulation (Can hypnotize people to attract them to him). Weather Manipulation (It’s presence is accompanied by fog, winds and flashes of lightning). Perception Manipulation (Can produce visions in people)...
  3. AB1124

    Pumpkinhead's tier

    I see Pumpkinhead is listed as a tier 9. I was curious what all factors go in to tiering. I read the tier description, and seem to understand it; however, Pumpkinhead is said to be an immortal demon of vengeance. The body of Pumpkinhead is simply the vessel in which the demon inhabits; if you...
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Pumpkinhead Revision: Pumpkinhead Clarification/Additions + New Comic Key WIP

    Ok so part of this is just wanting some clarification for myself. The other part is for a key for Pumpkinhead: Sins Revisited. Movie Pumpkinhead always knows the location of his prey= Sounds like a type of Clairvoyance if I am not mistaken. Mind Manipulation (Hypnotized Maggie and lured her...
  5. Notadeadguy

    Pumpkinhead vs Pyramid Head

    This Battle shall take place inside an abandoned hospital. Pyramid Head has his trademark weapon Who would win and why?