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providence (bravely default)

  1. Niarobi_(Formerly_Hadou)

    Bravely Revisions

    Airy clarifies that the world is not a singular existence and clarifies that there's an endless array of Luxendarcs, an infinite line of worlds in parallel, myriad worlds. There are also myriad higher planes/layers of existence, which should be below the Celestial Realm. Basically, the low-ball...
  2. Jinsye

    Providence vs. Princess Peach

    Providence The day of my descent is nigh! I shall drown your pitiful world in despair and swallow it whole! ~ Providence to the party Powers and Stats Tier: At least 2-B Name: Providence Origin: Bravely Second Gender: Female in the Japanese version, Male in the...
  3. SSBXeno573

    Arceus vs Providence

    Speed unequal 2-B versions Arceus: Providence (Bravely Default) Incon
  4. Walking_Strawman

    Bravely Default: Some Providence Revisions

    A certain Impaler sends his regards Why are the images on the profile so crappy? can we get some better ones. Even by the screenshots of gameplay I have seen, the photos we have are bad. Maybe a render of some fan art or something. That aside, he should have existence erasure since he was...
  5. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Doctor Manhattan vs Providence (BD)

    Both beings far above baseline 5D I guess speed equalised but I don't think it matters Lord of The Real World
  6. Jinsye

    Annoying Dog vs, Providence

    4th Wall Breaking Incarnate vs. 4th Wall Breaking Incarnate Both High 2-A. Speed Unequalized Who wins? Annoying Dog: 0 Providence (Bravely Default): 2