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  1. AquaWaifu

    So I think I have something to add to Pipimi's page

    This seems to show Pipimi can attack a cavity causing demon/creature for harming Popuko
  2. AquaWaifu

    Rick pisses off a schoolgirl and she and her friend fight him Rick Sanchez vs Popuko and Pipimi

    Listen to me, Morty. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You lookin' around and it's all scary and different, but y'know, meeting them head-on, charging into 'em like a bull — that's how we grow as people Rick has access to everything but no prep. He has knowledge other than his...
  3. Starter_Pack

    Kai the Collector vs. Pipimi (Yep...I Made This...)

    It seems that Kai has been doing great, yeah? His overall kung fu mastery, on top of the literal army he can summon at any time, makes him seem nigh unstoppable to anyone within his tier. However, I may have found an opponent that may be able to match him, someone who has had the potential to do...
  4. Konaguna

    TetraBrawl of little girls

    Panty and Stocking vs Pipimi and Popuko Da rulez: speed and verse equal, starting distance is 1 kilometer and all in character
  5. RapidMotorcycle19

    Popuko vs Pipimi

    Im not upset. Are you upset? Speed equal Both can self destruct.