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oko yushima

  1. HST_Master

    Bleach: Forgot the Filler

    Simple enough CRT: Kageroza Inaba, Nozomi Kujo, Oko Yushima, Kokuto, Jin Kariya, and Koga Kuchiki need to be updated. Despite scaling to several Tier 6 and sub-rel characters such as Post Resurrection Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Toshiro and shikai Yamamoto they're still only 7-A and Massively...
  2. Denbob54

    Oko Yushiro should be 6-B

    Oko Yushiro should be scaled to country level. He was able to fight agasint a post karakura town vizard Ichgio evenly and even surived a hollowfied Getsuga Tenshou at point blank range. His final technique Renzan:Hajo Kuri was stated to be powerful enough to threaten the soul socity due to it...
  3. HST_Master

    Non Canon Bois: Menma-Obito vs Oko Yushima

    Fight in Rukongai Kurama is restricted but Mask Beasts are available Speed Equalized Obito- Oko- Inconclusive-1
  4. HST_Master

    Lancer(5) vs Oko Yushima(3)

    7-A Lancer Speed Equal Fight takes place in Seireitei Yushima:4 Lancer:5
  5. HST_Master

    Oko Yushima vs Vergil

    Battle of The Spatial Manipulators DMC3 Vergil Speed Equal Demon Boi: Candy Boi: