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  1. Jinsye

    Beholder vs. Mimikyu

    The Beholder vs. Nintendo 2 Speed = Who wins? Beholder (D&D): 0 Mimikyu: 0
  2. Corgi_the_Gen_Z_God

    Possible upgrade...?

    Should Mimikyu have Madness Manipulation for killing someone instantly if anoyone sees its true form?
  3. Yobo_Blue

    Boredom is a heck of a drug

    Mimikyu vs Kai (Ninjago) Season 5 Kai SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  4. ViciousBeeV

    Mimikyu Eevolutions

    ...I just thought Mimikyu could have evolutions... POST THEM HERE
  5. SuperKamiNappa

    Ban vs. Totem Mimikyu

    Ban takes the island trials, for some reason. Speed equalized Who wins and why?
  6. CrackerVolley

    Mimikyu Vs Mimmy

    IDK these two were just right next to each other in the catagories. Speed Equalized 8-A Vesions Takes Place in Henry's Dream World 15 meters apart Cinnamon Roll Copycat Moe Missile
  7. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Mimikyu Downgrade

    Mimikyu's current tier comes from the Totem Mimikyu. I made the profile before we had a Totem key. But now, the 9-A feat doesn't apply anymore to regular Mimikyus. I suggest for his new Tiering to be "Unknown", unless someone has a major feat for the guy.
  8. Dragonmasterxyz

    Totem Pokemon Scaling

    So I've been thinking. Should we scale Totem Pokemon to Wishiwashi? Now the reason I say that is because Wishiwashi is literally the Second Totem Pokemon you fight. All the other Totems are stronger than it. Well all besides Gumshoos. Now what makes these Pokemon special is that Totem Pokemon...