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memory manipulation

  1. Pepsimanslover_69

    When does memory become information?

    So, according to the memory manipulation page, Memories can be regarded as information if their shown to act like it? But like, how does something qualify for that? The example the page gives is accessing memories as something similar to data. But how exactly? Like, if it's shown that there's...
  2. BluudyManikin777

    Memory Physiology = Abstract Existence Type 1?

    If a character exists as a memory, does that allow said character to qualify for type 1 Abstract Existence?
  3. BluudyManikin777

    Abstract Regeneration

    If a character has Abstract Existence type 2 (embodying information (type 1) and memories), and can regenerate via those two things, what level of regeneration would this character have?
  4. BluudyManikin777

    What would this warrant?

    A character’s body is made up of information and is even capable of creating information and manipulating memories to regenerate, and can exist as long as the stored information exists. What regeneration would this warrant? Would this allow for immortality type 8?
  5. AshMcXuelan23

    Soul manipulation or what? And memory manipulation or what?

    with this she can get soul manipulation or what? explanation is already on Imgur With this she can get memory manipulation or what? Explanation is already on Imgur
  6. Garchomp777

    What ability is this

    This stuff. Its mind manipulation but does it count as memory manipulation since he's adding knowledge
  7. SilentLyfe

    RWBY: Minor Additions For Yatsuhashi

    So in Before the Dawn, we see Yatsuhashi's Semblance evolve. Before, he can only use it to wipe a persons memory, but in the book he is able to cure mental disease such as when he healed the degenerating memory of Edward Caspain. He is also capable of breaking the effects of mind control on...
  8. YungManzi

    Problems with Mind Manipulation and Equalization

    Okay a few issues brought up in the recent Top 5 Characters for every tier thread. What is Mind Manipulation I think when most people talk about mind manipulation, they think of Mind Control. An ability which previously had a page, but no longer does and was merged with Mind Manipulation. This...
  9. Epsilon_R

    Is this mind or mermory manipulation ? (or neither)

    https://*********.com/Manga/Black-Clover/Page-200--A-World-of-Light?id=512481#8 https://*********.com/Manga/Black-Clover/Page-200--A-World-of-Light?id=512481#14 Using the Demon Destroyer sword Asta has shown to be able to look into the minds and hearts of others and see their past memories and...
  10. ShadowWarrior1999

    Does this count as memory manipulation?

    If someone resets a multiverse and everyone in it had their memories altered/erased, does that count as memory manipulation or is that merely a side effect of the reset?
  11. Dragonmasterxyz

    Regarding Mind based Powers

    So this is something that has come up many times, but I have gotten multiple differing opinions on it. Issue So I have heard many times that we treat the likes of Memory, Empathic and Morality Manipulation as subsets of Mind Manipulation. However, as such characters who resist Mind hax also...
  12. Phoenix821

    Memorable threads

    What is the most memorable or a memorable thread in general you've been a part of and why
  13. Eficiente

    Question about Mind Manipulation

    Coming from Doremy Sweet vs Kirby. If a character of a Verse has "Resistance to Mind Manipulation" via being able to resist one method of Mind Manipulation does this mean that the character can resist all the methods of Mind Manipulation? Edit: "All" =...
  14. SomebodyData

    Memory Manipulation Resistance feat?

    'Ello, just need to ask if someone being erased from history, and said someone remembering his life, counts as a memory manipulation resistance feat against more standard memory manipulation.