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  1. VAVADevil32

    Serafall Leviathan (High School DxD) vs Melascula (Nanatsu no Taizai)

    The Ultimate Female Devil of the Great Satans The Faith of the Ten Commandments Who will win? Speed Equalized Bloodthristy Arena: Kuoh Academy Serafall: 1 Melascula: Tie:
  2. Ryuga21

    Big Mom vs Melascula

    > Both at 6-C. > Speed is Equalized >Cocoon is restricted Big Mom: 1 (The Calaca) Melascula: 1 (Milly) Inconclusive:
  3. VersusJunkie54

    Snake fight. Orochimaru vs Melasecula

    I've always wanted to try this, and I hope it's not a stomp. Melasecula is somewhat above 2.6 gigatons. And I have no idea where exactly Orochimaru is. (The guys who powerscaled Nartuto need to make calculations more easy to find) But the difference in AP should be like 5.2x at the absolute...
  4. Panterly

    Semiramis (Fate: Apocrypha) vs Merascylla (Nanatsu no Taizai)

    Semiramis VS Merascylla The battle takes place in Hanging Gardens of Babylon, in the throne room. Merascylla enters the room while Semiramis is sitting on the throne. Win by killing the opponent.
  5. CinCameron20

    Ban, Jericho and Merascula edit

    Okay, there are basically 2 problems: 1) Merascula and Ban ("With a Weapon" key) are circle scaling. In order to solve this, Ban needs to be downgraded to "At least Small City Level" while Merascula is changed to Unknow for AP and Durability physically as she has nothing to imply that she can...