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mary poppins

  1. Confussed_Oddish_After_Dark

    An Alien Prince vs A Nanny

    Vegeta vs Mary Poppins Both High 4-C Speeds Equalized No possibilities Mary has blood lust The fight takes place on preastoric krypton
  2. Jeremihe

    Alex Russo VS Mary Poppins

    Justin magically traps Alex within the childrens book Mary Poppins, in order to get out she must destroy the pages from inside. Only one problem, Marry Poppins. Fight only ends in death or incapacitation.
  3. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Mary Poppins vs Sans

    Cause at this point who hasn't Sans been pitted against? Mary Poppins: 1 Sans: 4 Inconclusive: Speed is equalized and fight takes place in judgement hall. Mary is bloodlusted.
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Mary Poppins power additions

    Empathic Manipulation or Aura: During the movie, the Banks house becomes unnaturally happy, and this distinct change is even mentioned by a few of the characters. This is either merely Mary's presence, or she is doing this of her own will. Weather Manipulation: In the movie she shows seemingly...
  5. Kiryu2012

    Child Caretaker Clash: Puff The Magic Dragon vs Mary Poppins

    Puff The Magic Drago vs Mary Poppins Rules: Speed equalized Otherwise SBA