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m1 abrams

  1. Promestein

    Real Vehicle Profiles

    Since this came up. The only pages we should allow for real-life vehicles are military vehicles. No random cars, no matter how notable. May as well write a rule for it.
  2. Buttersamuri

    M1 Abram Tank question

    For a long time. In terms of total destructions, this tank has had it specified at 20 Gigajoules needed. When I tried the math with steel, it didn't reach as high. I assumed it stronger material, which I was told it was. Being made of Chobham composite armor. But I'm wondering does anyone know...
  3. AguilaR101

    About the large building level rating for M1 abrams

    Where does it come from exactly? Is there a reliable source that confirms the statement? "at most Large Building level in terms of total destruction (Comprised of up to 65,000 kilograms of "depleted uranium mesh-reinforced high-hardness steel-ceramic metal matrix composite armor" with a...
  4. Creaturemaster971

    How much KE is required to cut a tank with a sword so hard it explodes?

    Not sure if I would put this on the calc request page or not, just trying to get a baseline until I find good images/video of the feat.
  5. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    M1 Abrams vs. Panzer VI Tiger

    One of the best tanks ever made A battle between the modern American powerhouse and the German juggernaut of WW2. Notes:The M1 Abrams has the 105mm gun, Cobham Armor, and doesn't get the optional machine gun. Speed equalized. Win via disarming the other tank or killing the opposing crew. Fight...
  6. XING06

    Penetration AP

    A tank's cannon only has around 9A energy levels, but it has immense penetration especially when using the APFSDS round. I think we should add into the profile that it is capable of damaging at least High 8C to possibly 8B based on Alakabamm's calculations (User blog:Alakabamm/Durability...
  7. Fllflourine

    How durable is a tank?

    What is the durability of a tank assumed to be? Wall level? Small Building level?
  8. Fllflourine

    Durability of the M1 Abrams

    Should the durability of the M1 Abrams be 9-A or 8-C? I am asking this because I do not think it makes any sense for the M1 to have two separate durabilities, the current one being 9-A normally and 8-C against cutting/piercing strikes. imo It should be 8-C, as it can shrug off grenades and RPGs...