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lester derosso

  1. Arkenis

    Dharkon vs Lester DeRosso

    VS Fight this tournament Equal Speed SBA
  2. Ciruno_Fortes

    Festival of Blood the sequel - Cole (Infamous) vs Lester (Bravely Default)

    Fake wannabe Virgin Vampire vs One bald hero chad Honestly, I just want more attention to Bravely and for Cole to fight another vampire. Speed equalized Cole at his second strongest (Not RFI) while Lester fights at his equal Tier state (Large Mountain and all) Wincon seems to be the classic...
  3. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    You're nothing more than a copycat - Emiya Shirou (Fate) vs Lester DeRosso (Bravely Default)

    SBA. They fight and copy each other, them mountain busters. Mountain tiers set. Both intend to kill the other. They don't know anything much about them. Let's fiiight. Speed equalized if necessary, their high end tiers please. Shirou Emiya Lester DeRosso
  4. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Vampire proclaimers, but fate won't hold them - Lester (Bravely Default) vs Remilia (Touhou Project)

    They claim to be something they're not, being Vlad's descendent , or being a vampire. They're also pretty damn powerful for vampires, ignoring conventional stuff. And they sure are old. Can the scarlet devil take out the self-proclaimed vampire before he gets used to her attacks? Win by...
  5. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Don't deal with vampires about death and poison - Askin (Bleach) vs Lester (Bravely Default)

    Their names are a pain. Anyway they just won't die and they just keep surviving with whatever you hit them. Let's see who outlasts who. Naturally we're using Mountain level forms. Aski Lester Standard Battle Conditions. May give an asterisk to Lester if it's unfair for him.
  6. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Immortality Question

    If you use the power of your own immortality to seal a Universal being's Regenerationn, which is coincidentally Low-Godly, would that mean that your level of immortality could be equal to that? Kinda helped by the fact that the Immortal was never killed last time I checked.