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  1. Divini

    Power Rangers Mystic force final magical revisions

    Introduction Welcome everyone to the final mystic force revisions, its been long time since i did one mainly due to personal and school issues but im here so gets down to it. Dw this revision isn't long THE REVISION
  2. Divini

    Power Ranger Revisions (Magical source, Mystice force!!......part 1)

    Introduction Welcome everybody! im back, well im busy with alot of stuff so revisions will take sometime to be made but today i bring u mystic force revisions. Today we will discuss the AP scaling for em Scaling The current scaling? lets take a look at Koragg's profile problem? why exactly do...
  3. JoshSSJGod

    Super Dragon Vs Super Knight

    Black Fatalis Vs Leanbow Rules: Win via incap or death, Leanbow is Koragg, 5-A keys, speed equalised. Fatalis: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Fatalis Koragg: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Leanbow#Wolf#Warrior Fatalis: 0 Koragg: 0 Nessconclusive: 1 I'm a dumbo, stomp: 0 Elemental...
  4. Revan_Laha

    Leanbow upgrade

    Gekkor was stomping all the five Power Rangers in their Ancient Mystic Mode and the Solaris Knight too. He attacked them with his so called "full power". Red Ranger in Ancient Mystic Mode should be at least as powerful as Red Ranger Tommy Oliver. But Leanbow came to rescue and even in the...
  5. Tonygameman

    Bill Rizer vs Leanbow

    Speed is equalized and both are 5-A (Leanbow in his Centaur Megazord). Bill Rizer: 0 Leanbow: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Thepikaboy

    Nightmare vs Leanbow

    Knight of darkness vs Knight wolf Rules: Equal speed, Nightmare is in complete form, Leanbow is Koragg Arena: In London