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kriemhild helheim lebenstein

  1. Megaraptor149

    Kriemhild Helheim Lebenstein Revision

    So, to complete some character profiles from Senshinkan. I make a thread and add some feats to her profile. It's for Kriemhild Helheim Lebenstein Dags ansuz -- Hávamál: Kreimhild's signature and most powerful technique in which she summons Odin, The Head God of Norse myth to fight at her side...
  2. Firephoenixearl

    Medaka Vs Kriemhild Pt.2

    Yeah this was done before. Now to remove the part of SBA i hate most: Medaka Kurokami: Running out of ppl to copy. Kriemhild -gretchen- Lesbia You think u'r gonna PIS on me like u did with the others? Speed...(do i need to even equalize it? These 2 seem to be almost = in speed). Both...
  3. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Well....this happening....(Kriemhild vs Medaka Kurokami)

    Well,nothing to say now expect one..........LETS BEGIN THIS CHAOS!!!! (why must Kriemhild,because Amakasu still have his match and still ongoing...) -Cue Havamal chorus- -5-C Medaka is used -The Hero is restricted -Speed equalized -Place located in atlantis (wut?) -They are enganged in...
  4. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Hibiki Tachibana vs Kriemhild Helheim Lebenstein

    WHATS HAPPENING!!? ANOTHER WOMAN IS INTERESTED WITH BIKKIE!! FIRST AN DEMON NOW AN NAZI WOMAN!!?MIKU WILL BE VERY MAD!! Ehm,anyway another 2nd Bikkie match,the first still unknown (i ask Red to update Dianne profile),so i hope this 2nd match will be good,and i use an Senshikan character here...