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korvac (marvel comics)

  1. IdiosyncraticLawyer

    Marvel Comics: High 1-B for The Worldship Database

    Korvac's third key contains the following justification: These are both High 1-B feats under the new cosmology, so make this key that.
  2. ByAsura

    Korvac Revisions

    Multiverse level+ Upgrade In hindsight, Korvac's Low 2-C rating is completely wrong. It's just altering a huge portion of a timeline from a certain point, rather than controlling/creating/destroying the entire continuum. That's where Galactus scaling comes in. Initially, I dismissed the...
  3. SupahCabre

    Korvac isn't multiversal

    His fight with Starhawk took place EXPLICITELY in their minds. The reality being threatened was the reality of the Astral Plane, and the souls and planets destroyed were literally just figmants of the fighters imaginations. The only thing that happened in the physical universe was that everyone...
  4. ByAsura

    Korvac Additions

    After taking a few looks at the profile, I realised there's a few powers and links missing, including BFR, Creation, and Water Manipulation. There were also a few out of context panels that I put in when I first created it. This is a draft. The tabbers don't work on threads, but they do work on...