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kamui (twin star exorcists)

  1. JBennett

    Sousei no Omnyoji(Twin star Exorcists) possible revision

    I am posting this in GD rather then CRT for asking if any one wants to join me in making the profiles a bit more accruate. The feats that are used for the Manga are actually from the Anime and even some information about the characters are incorrect. On Rokuro's profile is says his trandformed...
  2. Piculra

    Should Kamui be 7-A?

    In the anime, after Rokuro absorbed the yin power of everyone in the world (Yin being created Kegare.), Abe no Seimei took that power. If the Yin of everyone on earth was absorbed by the Abe no Seimei, this would make him more powerful than most of the Kegare and Basara. As well as this, he has...
  3. Celestial_Pegasus

    Twin Star Exorcists Revisions

    Ok, so can't help but notice that all the pages fro Twin Star Exorcist are inacurate, for one Kuranashi is rated as country level for lifting narukami, however it took him a lot of prep time to do that. Rokuro Enmadou pre training is listed as building level for a feat performed with his evolved...