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kainé (nier)

  1. SheevShezarrine

    Nier: Kainé and Nier Abilities + Weaknesses Additions

    Starting with shared abilities: Limited Immortality (Types 4 and 8, not combat-applicable): via Project Gestalt. Replicants are created from the genetic template of their respective Gestalt's original body, and as long as the Gestalt's information is still accessible, a new Replicant body can...
  2. AquaWaifu

    Two brash, scantily clad young women face off! Kainé VS Ryuko!

    Kainé - 0 () VS Ryüko - 0 () Inconclusive - 0 () BATTLE CONDTIONS/RULES: Ryuko is Life Fiber Synchronized Tier 7-C. Both are fully aware of each other's abilities and weaknesses. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in an enclosed room with a length of 200 feet, width of 30 feet and...