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joshua (the world ends with you)

  1. Starter_Pack

    About TWEWY, The Noise, and Soul Manipulation

    Right, so as one of the few people who recognize that TWEWY even exists, I feel the need to rectify a very large ability omission from TWEWY characters, and as you can see from the title, it's Soul Manipulation. Now, why would TWEWY characters get this ability? Well, this has to do with their...
  2. MinatoSparkle

    Joshua's AP

    A calc was done on Joshua and Neku's level 3 fusion attack, which came out as High 5-A, yet Joshua's Ap is only listed as 5-A, which is even more ridiculous when you think about the fact that Joshua likely contributed a large amount of the power into the attack.
  3. TheDudeMcDude

    Do TWEWY characters have Invisibility?

    As people who have played TWEWY, most of the game takes place within a Limbo like realm called the Reaper's Game, where the characters go unnoticed by the living, but if I remember correctly, characters in the game are capable of interacting with objects in the physical world outside of the...