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john pluto smith

  1. Celestial_Pegasus

    Campione Revisions

    Revisions John Pluto Smith, Sun Wukong (Campione!), and Lancelot Du Lac (Campione!) should all be upgraded to 6-C scaling to Godou and other campiones. John Pluto Smith should be Massively Hypersonic+ due to being faster than Sun Wukong's divine beasts which are stated to be as fast as...
  2. DragonEmperor23


    How the verse only has three characters and there isn't a verse page?
  3. John Pluto Smith speed upgrade

    His bullet was able to hit Sun Wukong who can easily dodge LS attacks and was able to dodge thousands of LS attacks so I think his attack speed with the Artemis Arrow should be At least LS or FTL From the eastern sky came solar radiance that was not being used like a cannon blast as before. A...
  4. Range Upgrade John Pluto Smith

    The two bullets deflected by the ice dragons a while ago had been flying towards the depths of the universe high above the world. But along the way, they made a U-turn and returned to earth. The ice dragons gathered together, overlapping to form a shield, intending to deflect the bullets again...