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  1. BruceTheBatman

    HK-47 vs Yang Xiao Long

    One of the most awesome characters to ever appear in a video game Thought this would be fun Star Wars Fan-Fav vs RWBY Fan-Fav speed equalized Yang, in the forest, finds a robot vaguely resembling Atlas Droids and it attacks her. HK is employing Jedi-Tactics, recognizing the similarities...
  2. Aparajita

    HK-47 (Star Wars) Upgrade.

    In Star Wars, HK-47 (Hunter Killer) is created by Darth Revan as a Jedi-Killer droid, and according to voice-lines, he actually completes these kills. Shouldn't that mean that HK-47's reaction speed should be at least comparable to novice jedi?
  3. MasterWinduTheThird

    HK-47 (Star Wars) vs Master Chief (Halo)

    The Hunter-Killer-47 Droid is tasked with eliminating the Master Chief! There's no alien invasion too small. There's no alien invasion at all. One of the most awesome characters to ever appear in a video game Round 1: Standard Loadouts for both combatants. Round 2: HK-47 has help from...