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fire flower

  1. Mand21

    Composite Human VS Koopa Troopa

    Composite Human has discovered that the flesh of a Koopa tastes better than anything from real life and goes off to hunt. He has one hour of preparation time and no access to any equipments he cannot carry along with him. On the other side, Bowser has found out about this form of life that can...
  2. BattleReviews

    Extra Wielder for Fire Flower and Ice Flower

    in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Paper Mario got access to these items, and i cannot really tell which thread this fits the best in, so i guess content revision
  3. Adamjensen2030

    Possible Fire Flower and Ice Flower upgrade

    The Fire Flower and Ice Flower tiers are quite low. They should be upgraded to scale to Mario and Luigi who are Low 7-C at the very least to High 4-C... Also to possibly 4-A or higher Mario and Luigi. The powerups should also apply to Galaxy Mario and Galaxy Luigi since those powerups make...