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eveline (resident evil 7)

  1. PaChi2

    Eveline (Resident Evil) changes

    Eveline (Resident Evil 7) There is a small issue with her durability and it's that the Eveline who tanked the explosion is not the eveline that key is referring to. Old-woman Eveline has zero durability feats. If anything, she should be Unknown or 10-C. About her speed, unless someone saw her...
  2. PaChi2

    Albert Wesker vs Resident Evil 7

    Albert Wesker vs Eveline (Resident Evil 7), Ethan Winters, Jack Baker Rules: 1) Wesker's second key vs All the keys in the three profiles 1v1. 2) Speed unequal and Wesker is serious about killing them (no God complex and stuff) 3) If his second key can't beat any form, use the third key...