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  1. Starter_Pack

    A Reaper Battles An Angel (Dullahan vs. Sephiroth) (One Vote Remains)

    It had been about an hour since the angel descended into this dungeon, in search for a legendary artifact he had head of which supposedly contained the power of the sun. The monsters within were easy to dispatch, and whatever puzzles he couldn't simply fly over, was extremely simple for him to...
  2. XitSign

    "Wait...What happened to Majora?" - Dullahan VS Link (Majora's Mask)

    As a followup to what I think is the only completed Golden Sun battle (though not for lack of trying on my end), Dullahan VS Unrestricted Majora, why not have the Fairy Boy face down the gaurdian of Iris. Majora might've been defeated, but Termina isn't safe yet, not with Dully now on the loose...
  3. Theglassman12

    Dullahan vs Majora

    Now that the Golden Sun cats have been upgraded, let's see how well they can do against other Haxy nintendo characters. Takes place in Majora's little mask room, and speed is equalized. Majora: Dullaha: 7 Inconclusive: