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derpy hooves

  1. Buttersamuri

    Hey Derpy! Do you want a muffin?

    Hehehe. Get it. Cause muffins Speed is equal Takes place in ponyville Normal stuff Who wins and why? Derpy Hooves: Mr. Muffi: Inconclusive/Draw:
  2. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Slight MLP lifting strength upgrade

    In a rush so I'll keep this brief. A few days ago, I did this calc that put the lifting strength of Pegasus at Class 25 for halting the descent of a cloud made of ice. They didn't completely stop it, but severely slowed it down. They had the help of the princesses, but they had their magic...
  3. Kiryu2012

    Ed vs Derpy Hooves

    Battle takes place in Ponyville One + One = Ed feats are not applied here Fight to a KO.