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chat help

  1. DevonVideoGameAndCartoons

    Help me with chat please

    When ever I join chat, it only shows a chat box and my message box. but there are no messages and when I type something and enter it, it doesn't appear
  2. Matthew_Schroeder

    The ChatApocalypse

    Alright, so. Recently, numerous users including myself have been suffering from the same, recurring issue when it comes to using the VSBW Chat. Namely that while we can enter the Chat just fine, and the PMs work normally, the Public Chat simply freezes, and we see no new messages appearing. We...
  3. Overlord775


    could we add a easier way to use emojis ? like a button in the chat that opens the emoji page
  4. Pepper14832

    Is it possible to get a chat button as a tab or under the "Explore" drop down list?

    I may not be a certified Web Designer, but I did take Web Design in high school. I know that we have the "Special:Chat" link. But not everyone knows it and if they don't many (like myself) will have to click on something else just to see the "Live Chat!" area on the right and click to join...