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cancer deathmask (saint seiya)

  1. PaChi2

    Cancer Manigoldo vs Cancer Deathmask

    Cause Cancer Cancer Manigoldo and 3-C Cancer Deathmask SBA Speed equal
  2. DrunkHC

    Kirin gouken! Death mask

    Kirin Gouken (Òé¡ Ò⬠Òâ│ Òé┤ Òâ╝ Òé▒ Òâ│, Fist of Spiritual Phosphoricus): Technique is used by the Death Mask of Cancer, in which the saint concentrates to find all his destructive power in the earth, destroying the ground and invoking lava and spirit phosphoric of the subsoil concentrating...
  3. DodoNova2

    Death Mask Vs Kirby

    SS Vs Kirby, why not? Speed Equal Both 4-A Battle in the Entire Galaxy Goooo!
  4. DrunkHC

    Sekishiki Meikai Ha, Death mask variations

    Soul separation: Death mask part of the opponent's soul in pieces, can be used in a cluster of souls as demonstrated against the faceless, this technique is used as a second phase of the technique Sekishiki Meikai Ha. Cancer Temple Souls: Death mask is also able to command the souls trapped in...
  5. Crateris_Aeson

    New skill for Deathmask

    Cancer Deathmask https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cancer_Deathmask Saintia Sho: Deathmask can control the souls, he can paralyze even the evil spirit of a dryad, the son of Eris and an entity similar to the gods. Deathmask destroys and throws the soul of Poena to another dimension, possibly...