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  1. Pizzabox492

    Sans vs Kid Buu

    Sans gives an Evil Piece of Gum a bad time. Both in character Sans has prior knowledge Speed equalized Fight takes place in Last Corridor 9-A vs 4-B Who wins?
  2. Quantu

    Buuhan (Manga) vs Cosmic Fear Garou

    Garou goes up against DBZ's ultimate villain, in a OPM vs DBZ battle for the ages. (Plus all the bragging rights!) SBA Speed Equalized Garou starts at High 4-C Buuhan: 2 (BOEGVELD, CiscoTheSoto) Cosmic Garou: 8 (Qawsedf234, Kachon123, Recon1511, Phoenks, helello100, Kin201, Unknownnah...
  3. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Dragon Ball Z: Buu's immortality issue

    So, Buu has Immortality type 1 on his page as shown here: However, as you can see, Buu's type 1 Immortality has no scan to justify it, and nothing that proves that Buu can't age, even if he lived for so many years. Living for extremely long periods of time just falls into Longevity rather...
  4. Landon_Avery

    Majin Buu vs The Runner

    Buu vs The Runner Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Speed =ized Location: Some where ins space
  5. Seventy96

    Kid Buu durability.

    When Cell reached his perfect form, Krillin used kienzan on him. Kienzan crashed and did not deal any damage to Cell. Later, Krillin used Kienzan on Kid Buu and cut him in half. How? Why? What?
  6. Seventy96

    Super Perfect Cell vs Buuhan

    All stat equalized Cell Buuha
  7. DodoNova2

    "Buuhan" Vs "Kid Buu"

    In my country, france, at the moment takes place the debate between his two but I think that this debate does not have to be, Buuhan >>>>>> Kid buu but the "pro kid buu" says the opposite, just for fun tell me the reason for which buuhan> Kid buu (I know a lot but I would like to have more)
  8. SunGodAttun

    how high into MSS the buu and Broly galaxie destroying would be?

    Baseline MSS? mid end? high end? and where would that put GT top tier?