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butters stotch

  1. Jason_Courne

    South Park: The lifting strength upgrade

    The kids in South Park should have their lifting strength upgraded for the following reasons: In Fun with Veal, the main boys could lift two veel cattle at once Baby calfs will weigh between 65 to 90 pounds which is a total weight of 59 kg to 82 kg In T.M.I, Cartman could easily shake and...
  2. Setsuna_tenma

    South park covid revision

    butters should have social influencing in his vic chaos key. He was able to get lots of people to invest into NTF with ease
  3. CursedGentleman

    Lord of Chaos VS Wrath

    Professor Chaos (Fractured But Whole) vs Meliodas Both at Low 7-B, which means BoS Meliodas Speed Equalized or else Butters blitzes Butters: 1 (ZacharyGrossman273) Meliodas Inconclusive
  4. Snaily100

    South Park: Butters, This is small but I thought it was worth noting

    =In the episode "Super Fun Time" Butters climbs a traffic light fairly quickly while carrying Cartman in one hand. Cartman is stated to weigh 90 lbs (or 40.8 kilograms), so with two hands Butters should be able to at least lift 181 kilograms, making him above average human strength. Now take...
  5. CursedGentleman

    About South Park pages

    I just went through it and It needs to be asked. WTF. Eric is as High 5-A on the games because he fought against the new kid Stan is at least 9-A on the game because he fought against the new kid Kyle is low 7-B on the games because he fought himself and is comparable to Jimmy. The New kid...