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black zetsu

  1. KingogKings777

    The real savior of the ninja world stats

    So this is the following for Black Zetsu's stats. They shit. and should be changed to the following. His speed is the only acceptable one, oddly. Reasoning Black Zetsu should not scale to his host. His ability is to control the body and consciousness of the person he's attached to, not gain...
  2. TheFinalOrder

    Black Zetsu/Original WZ Reacts and Dodges Sasuke's Kirin

    Yup, the title is accurate. When Sasuke fired Kirin at Itachi, BZ/White Zetsu was Near Itachi: This is Key because of What BZ says to Obito in this scan: Even if you want to Say WZ isn't that fast, that's fine, but BZ has feats of fighting on par with People that can honestly scale higher...
  3. Tunir_uchiha

    Black Zetsu tier

    I have modified Black Zetsu's tier.It actually depends on the body it has taken.Please consider the change.