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  1. Sans2345

    Biollante vs Shin Godzilla

    Both unknown tier speed equalized win via by death or KO battle takes place in tokyo SBA Biollante: 0 Shin Godzilla: 0 Inconclusive: 1 (Christian Higdon) Much more... VS
  2. Final_Mr.Fear

    Biollante Vs DH Godzilla

    Speed is equalized. Distance:200 Meters. Wins by Killing the opponent. Battle is in Tokyo.
  3. Promestein

    Biollante Regenerationn Downgrade

    Spores are typically unicellular. This should only be Low-High.
  4. ZillaJrKaijuKing

    Tons of Issues with Heisei Godzilla 1 and Biollante Profiles

    I noticed this yesterday after looking at the profiles for a debate. These two have a ton of problems. Rose Form Biollante is listed as "City level" for not hurting Godzilla. How does that make any sense? Hesei Godzilla I is labelled as Unknown, Possibly Country level just for being part of...
  5. Yamatohime

    Biollante versus Legendary Godzilla

    Biollante challenges Legendary Godzilla. Who of them is superior kaiju? The starting distance is 500 meters.
  6. Yamatohime

    Biollante vs Pacific Rim

    Could the mutated rose made of Godzilla gene pool defeat all Pacific Rim kaijus at once. Round 1: Rose version Round 2: Final version